Our Mission


"We are passionate about helping individuals acquire the skills and competencies they need to empower them to participate and make a difference, whether it is contributing to their passion, organisation or  lifestyle" 



The Learning Nuggets Company has been supporting organisations since 2007.  Skills-ID was concieved as a means of providing affordable and accessible learning for all, irrespective of location.  Going digital was the only way we could see this happening on a global scale. 



What is different about the Learning Nuggets Skills-ID?


Under LNC's Skills-ID, you will find the Digital Skills Academy where we provide our eBooks, ePublications, Courses, Workshops, Webinars, Videos learning content and more.  These are closely aligned with our other Skills-ID's solutions under SkillsBridge 21C, which support organisations with their organisational learning strategies including, learning design, learning optimisation, digital and hybrid implementations, and employee training and development solutions for the digital age.  Our eMentoring solutions provide you as a Start-up, Founder, Tech & Innovation Team or Organisation with fresh perspectives for your projects, business and in building impactful solutions.




Our vision for LNC's Skills-ID


LNC's mission is to provide individuals with portable skills to enable them to live, work and contribute wherever they choose.  Our aim is to support organisations in developing the right skills, for the right jobs, at the right time by supporting their workforce to upskill, relearning, unlearning and diversifying.


@The Learning Nuggets Company Skills-ID we are:


Providing quality, affordable  and accessible learning irrespective of location.

Making the latest learning content available to support organisations and educational institutions globally by collaborating with international and local subject matter experts and content providers, alongside LNC’s curated approaches to learning, customised learning content, learning programmes and management tools.

Building a sustainable environment for continuous learning and organisational continuity through digital and hybrid learning spaces.



"People Focused"

The Learning Nuggets Skills-ID reflects what we do as an organisation.  Our passion is preparing individuals for the workforce, whether you are joining for the first time, starting a new role or taking on more responsibilities

 "Diverse Team"

We work with a diverse community internationally, including in Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA.  Our community is made of technologists and technology consumers, which gives us a perspective on how our customers might navigate our services.

"A Digital Driven World"

We focus on People, Technology and Innovation -  you can learn the latest digital skills and the application of these skills to processes and innovating for different sectors including health, telecommunications, media, retail, fintech, agribusiness, manufacturing, design, repurposing, robotics, energy and power, education, training and more. 


"About Development"

Our resources are geared towards leading, managing and developing individuals and teams in the digital age.  Our aim is to enable you and your team to develop the interpersonal skills and functional competencies to enable you to remain relevant now and for the future.


We are constantly adding new resources to out portfolio.  If you don't find what you are looking for, get in touch and we will be happy to keep you updated with upcoming resources.