We are passionate about helping individuals acquire the skills and competencies they need to empower them to participate and make a contribution: The Learning Nuggets’ mission is to provide individuals with portable skills to enable them to live, work and contribute wherever they choose.  For organisations our aim is to support them in developing the right environments to develop their workforce to be best-in-class and effective in delivering performance.


We provide global standard learning and development solutions.  The global impact of Covid-19, escalating wars and the effects of climate change has turned the world of work on its head wherever you are.  The need for upskilling, relearning, unlearning and diversifying is greater than it has ever been, that is why at Learning Nuggets we have refocused our strategy to serve clients wherever they are. If you are an international organisation serving customers globally we are a perfect partner to support you in developing your local workforce to deliver to the standards your customers are accustomed to.  If you are a local company looking to adopt international standards of excellence in learning and development and looking for innovative ways to propel your initiatives The Learning Nuggets is the ideal partner.



“Our team is made up of seasoned professionals and innovators with international and local backgrounds and a passion for technology, learning and innovation who are forging ahead in addressing new ways of developing and upskilling individuals to be the productive workforce of the future and improving operational excellence for performance”. 




“Excellence is at the heart of what we do and we have a passion for delivering value to our customers.  Our ethos is to be the best we can and provide quality for our customers always.  We have a strong culture built on integrity towards our customers, each other and the way we work; irrespective of the market.  We enjoy what we do and have fun doing it.  We reward for excellence and contribution and our aim is to truly make a difference to our employees, customers and wider communities”.



LNC was incorporated in the UK in 2005 and registered in Ghana and Nigeria in 2010 and 2012 respectvely.  Our customers call us when they need expertise to help them design and implement effective digital learning strategies to deliver marked improvements for learning adoption, when they want to create optimisation strategies to improve targeted workforce or organisational performance.  Our customers also get in touch when they want to establish their skills and competencies gaps so they can implement effective paths to achieving better performance.  Customers who need to train and develop large groups of employees across multiple locations, small teams, talent and leadership teams also give us a call. 

Senior leaders and operations managers call us when they need to identify business process efficiency improvement solutions to transform the way their businesses work to deliver joined-up and collaborative working for process improvement and performance.



Our Clients

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve operational excellence through digital learning and business process efficiency improvement solutions.  We work with a variety of local and international organisations globally across a range of sectors.    For examples of client work contact us using te form below.  ​       

Our Interests

LNC is a member of the Global Business Coalition For Education#SMARTINVESTMENT NETWORK  - The #smartinvestment Network is a community of businesses and organisations committed to global education.  GBC-Education members are also part of the Network.

LNC Supports #UpForSchool - The #UpForSchool Petition was launched by A World at School - a movement convened by Theirworld - at a rally with 300 youth activists in September 2014 in New York City. 

LNC was a member of the team that worked with the UN Special Envoy For Education on The Global Education Platform (GEP)Harnessing Technology to Deliver Universal Education and Skills Training to the New Global Economy.