Our online stores are SEO and digital marketing ready.  The solutions we provide are user-centric and easy to use.  Changes can be made quite easily from your mobile, tablet or PC.   Our ready-made templates provide quick and simple ways to get started or you can choose to have a custom design.  Whichever you select, we can integrate it with your financial, delivery and storage systems, such as PayPal, DHL, PCKasse.  We make going online easier! 



We Deliver Online Stores That Make A Difference To The Way You Do Business


  • Working closely with our development team, our solutions are built on Content Management Systems (CMS) with the benefit of providing easy to use solutions that do not require technical experts to make changes.  Anyone can upload and make changes to your content and  retail shop whenever you want to change merchandise details or other information. 

You can make changes from your mobile, tablet or browser on your PC.   It is as simple as taking pictures of new items with your phone and posting them to the online store - without opening your laptop.

  • We adapt to your needs.  Everything you need for functionality lies clearly in the system, so you can easily customise the look and functionality according to your wishes and needs.  We can integrate your online store with your financial and storage systems, saving you time by automating processes.  We take out all the duplication by providing you guides to save you time, so you can focus on what is important to your business.
  • We are passionate about our customers and helping them achieve success.  From the early phases of strategy formulation,  design and analysis we strive to accurately capture our clients’ requirements.  We work in an agile and interactive way with our clients’ teams at every stage.  We endeavor to work to agreed times and budgets and provide excellent customer service through our local teams (in some locations), e-mail, telephone and via our chatbot service outside normal business hours.


»WIDE RANGE OF PAYMENT SOLUTIONS                                              

»MAKE CHANGES FROM  YOUR PHONE                               

»READY FOR DIGITAL MARKETING & SEO                                 


  • We offer payment solutions integrated with PayPal, Bambora and Klarna.  Flutterwave and MTN Mobile Payments will be included in 2020.  Where customers have specific preferences for payment solutions, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might accommodate their requirements.
  • You can easily make changes to the online store from your mobile, tablet or PC.  Take photos of new products and add them to the online store - right from your mobile.                                                                                                                                   
  • If you select an E-Commerce solution from LNC you can expect to have a digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) ready solution.  You can also expect a solution that meets the latest standards in websites and E-Commerce developments.
  • Choose from a range of modern, user-friendly and flexible templates or get a bespoke online store designed.  The CMS environment provides everything required for you to easily customise the look and functionality according to your wishes and needs.


»INTEGRATED WITH INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS                                

»DRIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE THROUGH CUSTOMER INSIGHTS                                                            

»HIGH SAFETY &  PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENT                                  


  • We make administration even easier by integrating the online store with interntional delivery systems from organisations such as DHL.  Contact us to discuss your preferences and options.                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Our E-Commerce solutions gives you the insight you need to stay one step ahead.   Links to free analytical systems such as Google Analytics can be integrated to your homepage giving you insight into how visitors behave on your site, their search and buying patterns and gauge which articles on your site are of interest.  Such analytics enable businesses to manage and plan inventory, supply and demand, sales and marketing and more. 
  • We have strict safety and performance requirements.  High security is important in protecting your users and their data. I f you choose a solution from us, you get a secure website with a high technical standard of international quality.                                                                                               
  • We offer customer service  either through our local teams or via email, telephone and online chat support, depending on location.  Out of hours support is provided via our Chatbot services.  Technical support is included in the price for monthly operations.                     




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