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eMentoring & eFacilitation

eMentoring & eFacilitation

eMentoring Accelerated Programme - 040523

We are here to support you and your business...


We provide eMentoring services to founders, start-up management, organisation teams, and management to help solve their real-world problems.  Mentors are key to building successful businesses, whether they are start-ups or mature organisations, and they form a fundamental aspect of organisation ecosystems. 

We have key strengths in digital businesses and transformation, supporting women in leadership and dispersed multifunctional teams globally.  


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Women in Leadership & African Women in Leadership (AWIL) - Leading in the Digital Age Accelerator eMentoring

Get An Accelerator eMentor

We provide eMentors as part of the Women in Leadership, Leading in the Digital Age and African Women In Leadership, Leading in the Digital Age (AWIL) programmes to support your people development and ou as an individual.  If you are interested in working with one of our eMentor or Hybrid Mentors (depending on location), please get in touch and start your journey.


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eTutors & eFacilitators

Courses and programmes designed by LNC are supported by international and local e-Tutors and eFacilitators who manage the academic content and learning process respectively.  Some of our 3rd party courses and workshops are also supported by experienced online eTutors.  


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