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LNC Paths-to-Performance is a unique way of providing performance-based learning for your organisation and  employees.  Develop the critical skillset your organisation needs using pre-defined content and courses from LNC Paths-to-Performance.   
LNC Paths-to-Performance content has been created with learning experts and world-leading industry leaders.  LNC Paths-to-Performance is a dynamic approach to digital learning.  It provides:
  • Live real-time hands-on training from experts
  • Learning paths that provide a step-by-step learning experience (expert curated. learn at your own pace from top-rated and updated content, organised into a clear structure using storytelling techniques to ensure skills acquisition)
  • Case studies to bring fresh insights and practical takeaways from real people
  • Tutorials - learn by doing, with step-by-step training and interactive coaching environment (key for programming and design)
  • Means to creating a group dynamic (learning networks, social activities, open questions and surveys)
  • Content anchored in relevant, on the job learning (combines formal instruction, human interaction and practical exercises)
  • Recommended for you based on your interests
  • Recently added - latest titles, trends, favorites
  • eReferencing books
  • Learning & development passport of certified skills and competencies, work experience, references, non-formal courses, validated qualifications (optional) 
  • Gamified learning approaches (learner earns points)
  • Customizable content (personalization by adding your own content and/or creating your own activities.)•Integration and interoperability (integrate with existing solutions and third party platforms.)
  • Mobile (works on any device: PC, tablets, smartphone)


Developing Critical Paths To Performance

We work with customers to develop quality learning solutions to meet their organisational learning needs.  To achieve this, we consider the most effective learning approach for the individual learners and best approach to achieve the organisational learning objectives.  This personalised process enables us to design individual learning journeys customised using the LNC Paths-to-Performance approach.

Modular resources that complement each other...


Individual learners and teams looking to horn their business skills and organisations seeking tried and tested programmes and courses will benefit from LNC Paths-to-Performance .  

We have LNC Paths-to-Performance modules available in technology, business, personal development and more...

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If you are looking for specific learning content or are looking to design your own learning paths for your industry sector and programme, LNC can also support you via our Consultancy ServicesFor more information contact us using the form below.


Learn Anywhere, Anyhow & On The Move

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LNC Paths-to-Performance is powered by our proprietary solutions and innovative technology and content solutions from global partners.

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