Our focus is “pre-work” learners preparing for the job market and “in-work” learners already in the job market.  Established in 2005, we support organisations in developing employees to acquire good quality skills and competencies comparable with international standards.  This is vital as competition for businesses and resources is now both local and global.  Our forte is in applying digital learning strategies, technologies, tools, applications and approaches to deliver effective learning results linked to organisational objectives. 


We focus on helping businesses and individuals develop digital mindset skills and behaviours to

produce, perform and compete effectively



Our solutions cover the full spectrum of digital leaning delivery including Access, Content & Services.  Whether you are looking to adopt mobile, online, virtual or blended approches for learning we have the solutions and can deliver adoption and optimisation strategies for learning to improve performance.  For more information.  You can also contact us using the form below.

Our access products include Campus Companion® tablets for educational institutions and learning management environments, we also provide solutions for organisational and employee efficiency improvement. We offer a range of live online training and a full catlogue of courses covering business. technolgy, management, leadership, operations, sector specific skills, softskills and eReferencing titles, academic research journals including medical, certified and non-certified cources and more.  Content we source from external partners are taken from world-reknowed institutions, experts and industry leaders considered best in their fields.  LNC also develops its own content and supports organisations in content creation, digitisation and localisation.

We are different because we work with organisations in a systematic way to ensure their learning implementations are successful and the content and structures we apply have delivered above industry average results for clients.  It is not enough for you to buy the cheapest content and assume you have an effective digital learning approach that will deliver results for your business.  Yes, your employees may complete the programmes and courses but what difference will that make to your business?



When we embark on a consultancy initiative to help you define your organisational learning requirements and selection of solutions, we adopt the OLDL Model - Organisational-Learning-Digital-Learning Model, this is applied for effectiveness.  Our ethos is "continuous and life-long-learning approaches that are measurable for best results".  It applies whether you are deploying JIT (just-in-time learning) , short course or extensive programme.  Whether it is an organisation or team planning a series of learning initiatives the OLDL Model provides a step by step approach to identifying the right access, content, application and services to support the learning needs of the organisation.  This coupled with learner needs analsys helps the business achive better results.



LNC Paths-to-Performance: is a personalised learning approach and a set of customisable learning modules for individuals and organisations.  Whether you are a learner looking for a courses and programmes to horn your business skills or an organisation searching for tried and tested courses and delivery programmes for your teams and business units  LNC Paths-to-Performance is ideal. There are over 22 key titles and 50 plus more in sales, project management, train-the-trainer.  Through our consultancy services we also create customised LNC Paths-to-Performance for organisations and teams.  For more information.  You can also contact us using the form.



Our African Women In Leadership (AWIL) and Young African Women In Leadership (YAWIL) programmes "Leading In The Digital Age" programmes have been created for African women seeking to horn their skills for entreprenuereship and management and leadership roles in businesses, government, educational institutions and more.  We focus on behavioural skills and competencies, culture and developing digital mindsets and behaviours for doing business in the digital age.  For more information on AWIL/YAWIL.



eMIM: Is an Online Masters in Management (eMIM) delivered by a top 1% Global Buisness School, Ashridge Business Schools (UK).  Certificates are awarded by Ashridge and candidates can complete the programme in one single go or opt for a pay-as-you-go model requiring them to complete a Certificate stage, Diploma stage and final Master stage.  Each stage is aligned with a payment plan.  For more information.



If you are a seasoned work-based learning course developer or tutor with country specific experience and would like to join our Share-IT Content Development Scheme or you are a successful and reputable local technology consultancy, training organisation or management consultancy and would like to join our Share-IT Sales Community Contact us using the form below.  For more information