Rising Demand for Programming, Data, and Artificial Intelligence Training


The demand for training in programming, data, and artificial intelligence is rapidly growing among IT professionals, developers, and businesses. LNC Skills-ID Workshops cater to this demand, providing a diverse range of titles in these areas. Our future pipeline is set to delve even deeper into these topics, ensuring cutting-edge content.


Start Your Journey into Software Development


Begin your exploration of software development by delving into the fundamental building blocks of today's most widely used programming languages.

Foundations of Data Science


Build essential programming competencies and develop a strong mathematical understanding to excel in real-world data science and machine learning.

Foundational Data Skills


Acquire essential programming competencies and develop a solid mathematical understanding necessary for real-world applications of data science and machine learning.

Advancing Your Data Science Skills with Artificial Intelligence


Expand your professional data science skillset to encompass the latest, cutting-edge skills necessary for developing large-scale artificial intelligence applications.



LNC’s Skills-ID Workshops

Our workshops are ideal for starters and experienced learners switching to new skills areas and are written by industry experts.  Experienced developers work with our solutions for the latest training materials to keep their skills up-to-date. 


Stay up-to-date with the latest training materials and elevate your skills with our comprehensive solutions. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to excel in your professional journey. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced learner venturing into new skill areas, our workshops, crafted by industry experts, are tailored to meet your needs.


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You will find everything needed to learn a language or framework in a workshop.  LNC’s Skills-ID Workshops provide a multimodal experience, through step-by-step guidance, structured exercises and activities, screen casts, and knowledge checks.


Our workshops empower you to learn by doing, ensuring an immersive and effective learning experience.  We enable you to absorb. reflect and retain knowledge, building up your confidence in your newfound abilities. 


Unlock Your Potential, Achieve Your Goals


Experience growth in your career, secure that long-awaited promotion, or embark on your latest side project with LNC's Skills-ID Workshops.



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Practical Skills for Real-Life Challenges


We understand that real-world skills are essential in today's dynamic landscape. That's why we offer multiple avenues for learning and reinforcing your knowledge. Our workshops provide hands-on coding and testing opportunities through sandboxes and practice spaces.


Engage in activities and exercises that allow you to apply what you learn, preparing you to tackle workplace challenges head-on. Our Skills-ID solutions are designed to bridge the gap between theory and practical application, equipping you or your team with the skills needed to excel in the professional arena.



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Flexible Learning, Anytime, Anywhere


At LNC, we value your time and understand the challenges of learning new skills amidst a busy schedule. Our workshop content is structured to allow for seamless progress, giving you the flexibility to pause, reflect, and learn at your own pace.


Access our workshops and other learning resources effortlessly from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. With LNC's Skills-ID Workshops, learning becomes convenient, empowering you to acquire new skills on demand, anytime, anywhere.














"We need assistance in reskilling our workforce in the latest technologies."  LNC Skills-ID Workshops are an ideal solution for reskilling your workforce. Whether you have experienced developers who require retraining or graduates seeking to learn the latest skills, our workshops provide step-by-step guidance, structured exercises, and activities. They are designed to support learners with little to no prior exposure to development.

"Our developer team has all the training they need, and they choose their own learning goals".  Which platform does your developer team utilize? If they are currently using a learning reference library, it can be beneficial for supporting short learning bursts. However, LNC Skills-ID Workshops, along with our learning resources such as eBooks, courses, videos, and audios, offer a supportive and guided learning environment that even experienced developers appreciate. By engaging in hands-on activities, experienced developers can implement their learning more efficiently..

"We already have a substantial training library." That's great! A large reference library can be valuable for some. However, for those who need more guidance, a reference library can often be overwhelming and discouraging, leading to inaction. Our workshops offer a structured learning solution that helps your workforce achieve their goals, resulting in increased employee satisfaction.

LNC Skills-ID Workshops can be the start of your learning journey with us.  We also have a wide range of learning resources under the Skills-ID and LNC Academy solutions.  For organisations keen on transforming their environments for continuous learning and those who want to create a support framework beyon LMSs, we can assist with your digital learning strategies, learning adoption and optimisation, content development utilising AR and VR. 

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