African Women In Leadership


LNC created the African Women in Leadership (AWIL) programme  in 2013 to develop women in Africa with a passion for making a difference in management, leadership, technology and entrepreneurship.  The programme was rebranded "The African Women In Leadership - Leading In The Digital Age" in 2017 to emphasis the strong focus on understanding and managing the underlying digital technologies driving businesses today and the need for incluion of women in innovation


We partner with businesses, governments and international women's organisations to provide scope, reach and accelerate delivery across Africa as well offering open programmes.  Individual organisations who require customised programmes for their leadership teams will also benefit from our models for developing leadership in the digital age. 


We have resently introduced Personal Mentoring as an elective.  Participants can choose from a seletion of electives; some of which are certified by external bodies.  

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Conferences: Join one of our upcoming international conferences for Women in Leadership, Leading in the Digital Age.

Digital Technology In Education Is The Future For Developing Markets

Women's Forum Global Meeting 2013: Delegates at the Women's Forum Global Event believe the future of education in the developing world is digital, but what are the major issues? 



Listen to some of the views of the presenters and delegates