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If you are a technical professional looking to stay relevant and keep your skills up-to-date or you are a manager or business leader looking to steer your organisation to be future-focused, our Latest Digital Skills Trends are essential for you and your team


Our Latest Digital Skills titles are from partners such as Packt.  These are aimed at helping real-world developers put software to work in new ways.  The Latest Digital Skills portfolio is a curated subset of over 7,500 practical books and videos covering over 1,000 technologies.  The portfolio is for technology-focused individuals and teams who need to get to grips with specific technologies. quickly and effectively 


If you are interested in accessing a wider set of titles you can also subscribe to our Technology & Innovation eBooks or the Full Skills-ID Library of videos, eBooks and ePublications.  LNC also provides proprietary and 3rd party courses, interactive learning solutions, workshops, videos and more.


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Packt C++ Hign Performance_150x180.jpg Packt C Plus 9 and Net 5v2_150x180.jpg Packt C#10 and Net 6_150x180.jpg Packt Learning C# by Developing Games Unity 2021_150x184.jpg Packt Mastering Blockchain_150x180.jpg
Packt Solutions Architecture Handbook_150x180.jpg Packt Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS_150x180.jpg Packt - Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading_150x180.jpg Packt Python Object-Oriented Programming_150x180.jpg Packt Node-js Design Patterns_150x180.png
Packt Mastering Azure Virtual Desktop_150x180.jpg Packt Mastering Microsft Endpoint Managers.jpg Packt CompTIA Security+ - SYO-601_150x180.jpg Packt Machine Learning with PyTouch and SciKit-Learn.jpg Packt Engineering MLOPs[1]_150x180.jpg



Our eBooks & ePublication subscription model curating the “hottest digital trends” and topics driving industries today


We bring you the latest trends in digital topics throughout the year and you get to use your personalised Learner Workspace to manage your booklists, documents, code lists and invite individuals to join your learning discussions and learning forums.  Use tools in your Learner Workspace  to plan and manage your learning, your teams and a wider audience.  Lock into the wider Skills-ID Community and engage with other members.


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