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Evil AI, ML & Digital Transformation Will Not Eliminate The Workforce

Leaders Must Develop Competencies In Understanding Technology & How It Can Work For Their Organisation

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Business Process Efficiency Improvement Is Going Digital - People| Process| Systems| Analytics

Competition is both local and global in the digital age.  For your business to survive requires agility and responsiveness to customer needs and changing market demands.

  • Fast response through agile delivery
  • Adapting to change (people, systems and processes) 
  • Effective management of data for analytics for predictive analysis 
  • Effective monitoring, measures and reporting to aid decision making

Digital learning accelerates organisational learning strategy implementation and provides relevant tools for access to learning resources

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Gender Parity & The Power Of Digital Learning

Education is key to addressing gender parity and women (young and old) must be encouraged to pursue continuous learning for self development and participation in the formal economies in emerging markets.  Digital technologies provide opportunities for women to develop 21st Century skills for project management, critical thinking, systems thinking as well as gain knowledge in vital digital skills in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,  Blockchain, FinTech, Mobile Technologies, Biotechnology, Cyber Security and more.  More importantly, it is essential women contribute to technology and innovtion to ensure gender-specific requirements and characteristics are accounted for in products and services reliant on data-driven technologies like AI.

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Women's Forum Global Event Full Session - Busting Open The World Of Higher Education

Digital Technologies In Education Is The Future For Developing Countries.  Delegates at the Women's Forum Global Event 2013 believe the future of education in the developing world is digital, but what are some of the issues. 

Listen to views from some of the presenters and delegates.


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A New Era 

Almost a year ago, on the 22nd of September 2021, I had the honour of attending Westminster Abbey for the launch of the commemorative book, 300 Years Of Leadership And Innovation, in which I and The Learning Nuggets Company Limited were featured.   Volume I provided an overview of work by ordinary people like me.  Volume II chronicled a wealth of information about the work The Queen and The Royal Family have done and continue to do.  Today I do feel a sense of great loss.

What an amazing, dignified and inspirational human being who knew what it meant to be a servant of the people.  Some might say privileged, true! Others might have squandered that privilege.   Today we witnessed a very moving ceremony of the Accession Council and Proclamation of a new monarch. The transfer of power and the acceptance of the new monarch’s official duties have now been proclaimed.  Long Live The King, King Charles III. 



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