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Developing The Workforce On The Move Through Digital Learning

Learning for Organisations, Teams & Individuals: Whether you are an organisation restructuring, growing or merging and need to develop your organisational learning strategy and the competencies & skills of your workforce or you are looking to provide management and leadership training for your teams, we have a solution to support your needs

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Supporting Business Leaders In Reframing Personal & Organisational Pespectives.

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Creating Learner-Centred Strategies For Skills & Competencies Development

The onus for personal development and learning is shifting more and more towards the individual.  Even where organisations are keen to provide the infrastructure to support learning, individuals are expected to manage their learning  

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Go Digital With Transformational Tools

How effective are your transformation outcomes? - Productivity    ROI    Adoption of Digital    Rate of Innovation    Customer Reach    Customer Success 

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Upskill, Reskill, Get New Skills Today!


 Since 2007, our focus has been on helping individuals learn and adapt to new ways of working in the digital workplace and assisting organisations in transforming to doing business digitally. Our newly launched Skills-ID Digital Academy solutions provide training and education in the latest digital skills, including workshops, eBooks & ePubs, courses, videos, audios and job-related courses. Get your Skills-ID Passport.

 SkillsBridge 21C solutions support organisations with their organisational learning strategies, learning design, learning optimisation, digital and hybrid implementations, and employee training and development.  

If you are a Start-up, Founder, Tech & Innovation Team, or Organisation looking for fresh and impactful perspectives for your local and international projects, see how we can help you via our eMentoring solutions and more.  


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