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Who are the Women in Leadership, Leading in the Digital Age Conference Series Participants ? 


We are uniting a wide range of organisation representatives, entrepreneurs, decision makers form the public and private sectors, NGOs and institutional agencies, researchers, academics students and anyone interested with diverse profiles to discuss the emerging skills challenges and opportunities offered by digital technologies and how they are and will impact women at work and socially. 


Our focus on women acknowledges the peculiar perspectives women occupying leadership roles across sectors, industries and geographical locations face, and the recognition that irrespective of where they find themselves understand how to incorporate digital technologies is vital.   We value all differences, without distinction of age, gender, skin colour, social origin, religion, or sexual orientation.


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How can you get involved? 

We know the topics we will touch on are on the hearts and minds of women and the organisations they work for and we are looking for partners to join us for what we believe will be an amazing and inspiring event.  


We are proud to partner with a large number of organisations from leading technology companies, ecosystem actors, startups, educators, media and emerging digital companies shaping the future and creating new industries.  Our partners from the private and public sectors, industry, NGOs, International Agencies, Research Institutions, Universities and more, also present insights into the skills and competencies demand that transcends now and into the future.


If you are a decision maker and you or your organisation would like to sponsor either of the events in October 2023 or February 2024, we would be happy to discuss the various sponsorship options with you.  Please complete the form below.  You can also contact