Virtual,Online & Mobile Learning

Our Vision: to be the preferred service provider for affordable digital learning in the Sub-Saharan African market

We focus on learning for "pre-work learners" - preparing learners to enter the job market and "in-work learners" - developing and enhancing the existing knowledge and skills of managers and employees already in work and looking to achieve excellence and develop expertise as professionals.

We provide customised learning and international standard Vocational, ICT & Management learning solutions

Our remit is using technology to deliver, support and provide an engaging learning experience for learners.  We work with our clients to provide the best solutions for their needs - from providing access, designing and delivering learning content and resources, offering collaborative tools to support learners through to managing the learning environment. 

 To discuss how The Learning Nuggets can assist you or your organisation in any of the above areas please contact us or use the contact form on the contact page of this website.