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Google Apps For Business


Aside from the account fees of $49.99, Google Apps includes the following service options

Leave Your Email To LNC & Adopt Google's Solution For Productivity

Google's email solution will enable you to reduce your IT costs and cut out the IT hassles. Google Apps for business also gives you access to great collaboration tools to help your business work together.

Google Apps for Business allows you to focus on your business, not on your IT. Get reliable, secure web-based office tools for your organisation, powerful, intuitive web-based applications including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and more and help your employees work more effectively.

One Time Fee for Implementation

Scope of Work

  • Organisational Deployment
  • Bulk User Provisioning
  • Desktop and Mobile Instructions
  • Verify Domain (
  • Manage Server Setting
  • Create Email Routes
  • Logo Upload
  • Email & Contact Migration

Contact us using the attached form for further details and pricing.

Google Apps End User Support

You can outsource the management and administration of your Google Apps solutions to LNC's Google Apps support team.  We offer this service to organisations who do not have an onsite system administrator(s) or wish to free up  internal IT resources to concentrate on the most valuable projects. 

LNC will handle all requests from your end users related to everyday issues and ensure that users are able to achieve the tasks they require with the Google Apps tools available to them. 

 Below is an overview of the service we provide:

  • Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (GMT) Support Service (* please contact LNC to discuss out of hours support)
  • 10 Hour guaranteed response
  • Telephone, email and web based access to support
  • Remote login for desktop support issues
  • Google Apps system administration
  • Activate Google Apps services
  • Adding new Google Apps user
  • Deleting Google Apps users
  • Password resets
  • Google Apps customisation
  • Google Apps best practice advice
  • Google Apps "How To...." questions answered
  • New features introduction

We offer three levels of support:

  • Level 1: $60/Month for 3 Incidents per month.  Up to 2 hours of support time.
  • Level 2: $120/Month for 8 Incidents per month.  Up to 4 hours of support time.
  • Level 3 : $200 /12 Incidents per month.  Up to 6 hours of support time.

(*** The above prices apply where no callout services are required.  Please contact LNC to discuss any call out requirements, this is subject to location and times).

Google Apps Shared Contacts Setup

Google Apps Shared Contacts Setup $49.99. All your colleagues will appear as a shared contact within your Google Apps environment, e.g. Gmail.  This makes scheduling meetings and sending emails to colleagues very simple, as Google Apps automatically populates the "To, Cc, Bcc" fields with your shared contacts. This is the equivalent of having a Global Address Book in other email server systems, so that's fantastic.

Your personal address book contains the email addresses of everybody you have sent and received email to at least twice.  This happens automatically without any effort from you and all your personal contacts remain private.

If you would like to have an additional shared address book, for example of customers, partners or suppliers, that is made available to all users, then we can set this up for you.  An additional option will appear when Google Apps auto populates the address field in applications (such as Gmail) showing the shared address book contacts directly below your own personal contacts.

In order to activate this service for you LNC will:

  • Receive a CSV file with all your shared contacts.
  • The file can contain up to 25000 contacts.
  • Create a data map for the contacts you wish to import (address, birthdays, telephone numbers, from Outlook, etc).
  • Import the shared address book for you .
  • Shared contacts will be available 24 hours after the import has completed.

Google Sites Development & Customisation

Google Sites Development & Customisation id $750.00.  Google Sites is an extremely powerful and easy to use tool to publish and share your information both internally and externally. Y our sites can be created with a few clicks of your mouse to be either private or public web sites. 

Combining Google Sites with your Google Docs and your Google Video features means that your information can be shared easily through your intranet, extranet and your public web site. 

Your users  and teams will be able to create ad-hoc sites to improve collaboration and communication, however when deciding to use Google Sites for building your public facing web site, you may decide that the LNC Google Sites Development and Customisation service will alleviate you from the burden of designing and building your own web site.

Google Sites is a standard feature in your Google Apps Premier, Education and Non-Profit editions and another great opportunity to save you money.  Best of all, your web site resides on the same reliable Google infrastructure as you are used to and you do not incur additional web hosting fees. 

The LNC Google Sites Development and Customisation service is designed to help you build your site quickly and with minimum cost so includes the following:

  • Understand your requirements and vision
  • Develop a scope of work for your site (10 pages*)
  • Create a project plan and timeline
  • Agree content and site structure
  • Develop site layout and features
  • Deliver site at your domain/sub domain (e.g.
  • Agree security and access levels
  • 90 minutes, remote sites training
  • Hand-over your site to you 
  • 30 minutes, follow-up training 4 weeks later
  • Post delivery feedback
  • Plan next stages of development

Google Apps for Mobile Setup

Google Apps for Mobile is $29.99 per userWe find that more and more users prefer to access email from their mobile devices whether it is a Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, PDA or traditional phone.  The power of Google Apps means that not only do you have access to your email, contacts and calendar you also gain productivity by having all your corporate documents in the palm of your hand (documents, spreadsheets, presentations).

To access your Google Apps services from your mobile device you will require an internet connection and the correct Google Apps configuration for your device.  There are several differing methods for accessing Google Apps from your mobile device, depending on what type of device you use and the level of functionality you require. 

The choices available to you are: 

  • Access Google Apps services from your devices web browser
  • Utilise your devices native applications for email, calendar and contacts (iPhone, Blackberry, etc)
  • Download Google Apps for mobile (iphone, Blackberry, etc)

The mobile phone setup service includes:

  • Agree the correct strategy for your mobile device (native application, web browser or Google Apps for mobile)
  • Ensure your Google Apps domain is configured to allow access from a mobile device
  • Provide telephone support for setting the right access configuration on your mobile device
  • On-site assistance if required  (additional charges apply)

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