Learner Workspace™ & Campus Companion® Best Solutions For Educational Inst. & Organisations

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Learner Workspace helps you manage your learning activities such as delivering live lectures/tutorials, pre-recorded tutorials, managing courseswork, assignments and projects and collaborating with your learning buddies in learning networks.


A Cloud-Based Learning Management Environment

Learner Workspace™ is our cloud-based learning management environment for learners in academic and workplace environments.  Learner Workspace™ is a simple to use learning environment and you will be up and running in no time.  

You can also manage forums and communitees of interests as well as share resources within and across organisations if you so choose.

Different users can have different access rights so you can tailor learning to individuals or specific groups.  

Learner Workspace™ is also a cost effective environment built using open source tools, which makes it an affordable solution for all organisations.

For more information on LNC's Learner Workspace™ please contact us.