African Industry Experts - Personal Perspectives On African Women In Leadership

The AWIL programme uses a multimode approach: (a) face-to-face classroom-based interaction, (b) online learning, (c) in-work learning and (d) automatic membership of the AWIL Network for continuous learning, development and growth.


African Industry Experts - Personal Perspectives On African Women In Leadership: we interviewed a number of African experts to understand the different perspectives on what it means to be a female leader in Africa.  Here are some of our clips taken from 2013.


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How Does It Work Making A Contribution To Business


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Network Membership is by virtue of taking one or more of the programmes under AWIL.  As an AWIL Network participant members also have access to world leading experts and LNC Interactive content, one-on-one clinics, leaning forums and a collaborative environment for continuous learning through mentorship.


The AWIL Network collaborative learning forum supports continuous and long-term learning.  Members benefit from:

  • Learning resources from LNC Interactive
  • Information and insights (blogs, forums and notelets)
  • Expert knowledge from industry leaders
  • Community of Interest (COI) collaboration
  • Member support - mentors and mentees
  • Special events and seminars e.g. annual seminars involving "Friends of AWIL"
  • Job search & matching
  • Referees for job applications
  • Learning tools
  • More...