The Young African Women In Leadership Programme (YAWIL)

Developing the Millennials For The Future

AWIL is an African-centric programme that explores key leadership issues relevant for women in domestic and international organisations. The programme focuses on behavioural, soft skills and work application and is less about an academic programme.  For More Information On The AWIL Programme

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The Young African Women In Leadership (YAWIL) programme is aimed at millennials wishing to develop leadership competencies and skills for the digital age.  YAWIL adopts the same format as AWIL with a special focus on Building Leadership In The Digital Age.

Aside from the familiar leadership topics delivered under the AWIL programme, we also focus on workshop topics such as: innovation, service design and launch and cyber security.  Whether you intend leading in a digital business or not you need to be aware of how your competitors and those in digital businesses can disrupt your well thought through business ideas.

Participants will also benefit from interacting with and learning from International and local experts. These are individuals who have successfully launched multi-million dollar businesses from startup; many in the digital arena.

The YAWIL initiative is more than the seminar.  All candidates get to:

  • Participate in a 2-Day YAWIL Seminar
  • Select from 12 or more Electives (at a discount of 15%) - delivered online and mobile
  • Subscribe to 1 year membership of the AWIL Network (free)
  • Free digital literacy course
  • Receive free membership to
  • Receive free Campus Companion™ tablet PC

**YAWIL participants become mentees in the AWIL Network.

Calling Millennials: If you have a passion for leadership and innovation, this is the programme for you.  All candidates for this programme must be resident in Africa.

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