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The African Women In Leadership (AWIL)

AWIL is aimed at all aspiring female managers and leaders and those looking to refresh their knowledge. 

Registering Now For Cape Town, Accra & Lagos 2018

Come and meet us and your contemporaries making a difference to leadership in Africa. This is for you if you work in corporate, govenment, an NGO or if you are senior in educational leadership or an entreprenuer in your own right.  Men are also welcome to participate.

Now registering for Cape Town, Accra & Lagos June 2018 sessions.  Dates also available in July - September 2018 for programmes in Cape Town, Accra & Lagos.  If you are an organisation in a location other than listed and are interested in participating use the form below to contact us for further information.

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Open & Tailored Pprogrammes

We have open programmes and tailored programmes for organisations who want to introduce talent management and leadership development initiatives.  If you work for government or an NGO and require practical business and leadership skills this programme is for you.


Are you running a CSR programme for community leaders?: This is a fantastic opportunity to sponsor a woman for leadership training.  The AWIL programme is specially tailored to address many of the challenges that are particular to women and women doing business in the African market.  Why not support  a deserving women within your organisation/community.

How is the African Women In Leadership (AWIL) different: The AWIL programme is a multimode learning approach: (a) Face-to-face classroom-based interaction + (b) online learning + (c) in-work project + (d) participation in the AWIL Network for continuous learning, development and growth.

As a AWIL Network participant members have access to world leading experts and content from LNC Interactive, our online and mobile learning content, one to one clinics, forums and collaborative environment for continuous learning through mentorship and more.  

We are enrolling "Friends of AWIL" who are internationally recognised leaders dedicated to give some time to mentoring AWIL Network members e.g. founder of an international hedge fund (male), VP of an international oil company and CEO of one of the largest African NGOs focusing on women and women's development, and more.  Each AWIL participant is a mentee and also has the opportunity to mentor others.  

The AWIL Network is enrolling additional local, international and diaspora mentors with credible experience to support network members.  If you are interested in an AWIL mentoring role contact us.

International Certification: The AWIL programme provides the opportunity for the women who participate to also earn a certificate and accreditation whiles working.  Participants receive a certificate of attendance for the 2-day workshop.  They may also choose to pursue one of two options that lead to either (a) an accreditation- from American Management Association (AMA)/ESSEC (French electives only) or (b) a Certificate, Diploma or Masters in Management from Ashridge Business School (UK), one of the world’s leading business schools.

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The Young African Women In Leadership (YAWIL)

The 2018 programme is also available in other locations in Africa where customised corporate programmes are required.  If you are an organisation interested in developing your employees we would be happy to discuss how we can assist you.

Contact us for more information using the form below.


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