Managed Postgraduate & Customised Management Programmes

Study Programmes

The Learning Nuggets Company Limited (LNC) supports reputable international educational institutions in managing their outsourced operational setup and infrastructure for local delivery.  e.g. Ghana Technology University College’s (GTUC) International Partner Masters & PhD Programmes.

LNC has worked with GTUC-Coventry since the inception of the international programmes in Nigeria in 2012.  It is the Preferred Partner for GTUC's International Masters & PhD Programmes in Nigeria and manages all operational and student processes.

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GTUC partner programmes include -UK: Coventry University, University of Staffordshire, Germany: University of Anhalt and University of Wildau, Denmark: Aalborg University, Ghana: KUNST and India: M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Science.

LNC is also a partner of Ashridge Business School (UK), one of the leading international business schools in the world. We are now recruiting for the September in-take - Online Masters in Management (eMIM) and other postgraduate programmes.

LNC Customised Programmes

LNC focuses on providing learning solutions that equip learners with skills and competencies required for participation in the local job markets. This includes content to support “pre-work” and “in-work” learners in areas such as: Vocational, ICT, Management and more...


We have also developed :regional speific programmes that we believe will support local organisations and interest groups.


Available Now

African Women In Leadership (AWIL) and Young African Women in Leadership (YAWIL): blended leadership education aimed at women entrepreneurs, managers and leaders. Delivered face-to-face, online, in-work mentored project and network membership.


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