We Are Recruiting For Various Roles

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Working In A Digital Environment

We are looking for smart, dynamic individuals who understand and are interested in working in a digital business.  If this is you and you are interested in one of our roles published below, please identify your job match.  The right competencies, skills and experience and your qualifications are important and we would appreciate it if you only reply if you meet the criteria; ths will save you wasting your time and ours.

Please revisit this page if the role you are looking for is currently not available.

WHAT WE ARE ABOUT: The Learning Nuggets Company Limited (LNC) is an online, mobile and virtual learning service provider to businesses, government, educational institutions and NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa.  We are currently located in Ghana (Accra), Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja) and UK (London).  LNC is growing and we need dynamic, highly motivated, highly skilled people to join our team.


Current advertised roles can be found under the recruitment menu.


We are constantly looking for exceptional people to work as part of our team (especially mobile/web programmers, instructional designers and corporate sales managers) in the local markets.  If you have excellent work and academic history, a passion for digital business and are a good fit to what we do, we would be happy to hear from you.

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