Management, Vocational & ICT Courses

Online & Blended Courses

We provide online, mobile, virtual and blended courses, some of which are video-based, instructor-led or self-paced learning for individual learners, corporates, educational institutions and more.

We focus on bringing education and learning for pre-work & in-work learners and the competences and skills development requirements of individuals and organisations.

For our current portfolio of courses please contact us.  We continue to expand our portfolio of services in this range and develop new partnerships to increase content topics and rich learning resources and libraries of high quality digital content for vocational, ICT and management courses.

All our courses are fully managed using a combination of one or more eFacilitators, eTutors and eMentors.  We are able to provide each learner with world-class delivery and tracking of their learning.

Courses are charged on an annual fee or pay-per-use basis.  

For further information on available courses please contact us.