We are currently interested in talking to individuals with eFacilitator experience in managing large online classroom sessions, international conference sessions or flip-learning sessions. 

We are constantly recruiting new eTutors/eFacilitators to support our learning initiatives.  If you are interested in working with LNC as an eTutor or eFacilitator contact us using the attached form and we will get back to you.

Outsourced eTutors & eFacilitators Programme

We also provide eTutors and eFacilitators for customer learning and development initiatives. If you require additional tutoring and facilitation resources why not contact us to discuss your needs.  The Outsourced eTutors & eFacilitators Programme is a customised learner support programme for online, mobile and virtual courses and are delivered by international and local e-Tutors and eFacilitators.

The Outsourced eTutors & eFacilitators support is provided either as one-to-one, team or group sessions.  Contact us to discuss your needs.