The AWIL workshops are highly interactive sessions conducted over two days.  The workshop sessions are hosted by our experienced experts who engage participants in exercises for deep exploration of subject matters. 

Participants on open programmes come from diverse backgrounds and provide a rich context for creating understanding and problem solving by drawing on their own experiences of managing and leading.  We encourage organisations on customised organisation specific programmes to have a mix of managers and leaders and cross-sector teams.

During the AWIL workshop sessions, participants are required to identify areas of focus for their individual project work and clinic sessions held with LNC facilitators throughout the year.


AWIL Productivity & Operational Effectiveness Electives lead to (a) certification, or (b) accreditation from American Management Association (AMA) or (c) ESSEC (Electives in French only).

THE AWIL Productivity & Operational Effectiveness Electives Track - leads to a selection of 21 electives.   See examples of electives in the menu.  All electives must be completed within a three months timeframe. The Learning Nuggets Company provides in-house mentors for learners on all programmes. We are constantly adding new electives and learning paths.  Contact us for New electives available us for additional information.

Courses are delivered by lecturers from leading business schools such as Harvard, INSEAD, LSEWhartonCEIBS, London Business School and more, and supported by industry experts and tutors. 

We make offers of admission on a rolling basis throughout the year.  However, we suggest that you apply at least eight (8) weeks before your preferred start date to enable you to undertake the pre-course study skills support module.

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There are 3 sequential stages for the 24 month Track 2 - Ashridge Business School Electives:

  • Stage 1 - Certificate in management achievable in 9 months
  • Stage 2 - Diploma in management achievable in 9 months and
  • Final stage - project leading to a Master in Management achievable in further 6 months
  • **Certificate and Diploma awards apply to company programmes only.  

Ashridge prides itself in working in partnership with some of the world's leading organisations in tackling complex challenges such as formulating and implementing strategic development, leadership and change.  You will learn how this can help you and your organisation through exploring People, Processes and Perspectives.


The Ashride Online Masters in Management programme is designed to be a flexible, personal and practical degree.  The program is split into three ‘pay-as-you-go’ progressive postgraduate stages: the Certificate, Diploma, and Masters.  This is ideal if you need to manage your work to study balance, finances and personal and family life.  There are no examinations. Instead, you are assessed by work-based assignments and a final project.

  • Postgraduate Certificate Stage: Modules are split into people, processes, and performance. At the first stage, you will be given a choice of assignments to write, based on the management subjects within that module and your area of interest. 
  • Postgraduate Diploma Stage: Advanced level of the people, processes, and performance modules. At this stage, you choose one assignment per module. Your learning and assignments will go into much greater depth and can either be an extension of a topic you selected to focus on at Certificate stage, or you may choose a completely different issue relating to your job or your organization. 
  • Masters Degree Stage: The Masters stage involves a major project which can be from one of the following categories: Action Research, Consultancy, Entrepreneurial, or Research. This could be an area of interest for you and your job, or a business need, or both. It gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in a range of business functions and apply these in a practical setting. It also enables you to practice research skills and to bring about real benefits to the organization that you choose to focus on. 

eMim, Programme 2018


The minimum requirements to attend this programme are:

  • An undergraduate or minimum of 3 years’ managerial work experience in a professional or community setting with evidence of appropriate conceptual and study skills
  • Access to an organisation in which to undertake work-based assignments (typically your employer).  As part of the AWIL programme those who select this elective will have a number of identified business organisations to condict their practicals in
  • Regular access to a computer with a webcam and a good broadband internet connection to access online learning resources
  • There is no requirement for a GMAT or equivalent
  • Proficiency in English

​​Register Now: Choose between four entry points each year in January, April, July or October to start or continue your qualification. The qualification is split into three ‘pay-as-you-go’ stages so you can manage your finances and study to suit your career and personal life. Study is through self-directed learning, meaning that you select your assignments and then choose the content that you need to complete them. 

Deadline: The first AWIL Ashridge Elective will start on the October 2018.  Please ensure you apply well before the application deadline and no later than 1 September 2018 for October 2018 intake. 




This course was designed to be completed within 24 months. You determine the pace of your study and it is recommended that you spend about 15 hours a week working on different aspects of the degree program: studying, researching, reflecting, and writing. 

There are no examinations. Instead, you are assessed by work-based assignments and a final project. The assignments allow you to immediately apply your learning and make a measurable impact to your daily work, providing a tangible benefit to your employer from day one.

You will study for the Executive Masters in Management online using the comprehensive resources provided via the Ashridge Learning Zone website. As long as you have regular and reliable internet access, this robust and easy to use virtual environment is accessible 24/7 from around the world.  Also you may choose to access this programme at home or at work or one of the Learning Nuggets Company learning centers.


  •  100% online study
  •  24 months study time (minimum)
  •  15 hours recommended personal study per week
  •  3 stages – 1 Masters degree
  •  3 modules: People, Processes and Perspectives
  •  9 management topics
  •  No exams, 9 assignments + Masters project
  •  1 Learning Zone – 20 databases, 30 webinars, 15 forums

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